Our Vision

A community that provides empowerment for a more purposeful life after brain injury.

What is a Clubhouse?

Empower House Board Members

A Clubhouse is a place where people belong-a place where people with brain injuries come to be productive and enjoy contributing to a common cause. If people want to learn work skills and get a job in the community as well as feel a sense of belonging, Empower House can help.

What does the day look like at the Clubhouse?

The program follows a work-ordered day. The members do everything that must be done to run the Clubhouse each day. For example, we need to answer the phone, deposit lunch money in the bank, advocate for ourselves in the community, and know where the jobs are and how to get them, learn jobs and keep them. We also need to pay the bills, eat lunch, clean and maintain the Clubhouse on a daily basis.

Where did this idea come from?

The Clubhouse model began in 1948 when some people with psychiatric disabilities gathered together to support each other. They got some help to develop a program to keep them busy and productive, help them work, live independently, get some education, and socialize with each other. Now there are over 300 Clubhouses around the world, but less than 30 of them focus on people with brain injuries.

Are there staff at the Clubhouse?

Yes, there will be a few staff, just enough to guide the members in deciding how to make sure Empower House runs smoothly. The staff are not there to give individualized physical assistance or “do therapy”. Staff are available to work side by side with members to complete the “work” of the Clubhouse. Staff will also help members get, learn, and keep jobs in their community.

Are clubhouse members paid?

No, members are not paid, just like they wouldn’t be paid for their efforts in another “club”. Members are assisted and encouraged to secure employment in the community and often return to Empower House as they need for support.

Empower House in the Media
We are so appreciative to WHBF Living Local for the opportunity to share the Empower House message. Please check out our interview from 1/2/19


WOC 1420 Radio Interview about Empower House 1/2/19: https://www.spreaker.com/user/9809126/empower-house