Providing empowerment for a more purposeful life after brain injury

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Donate Supplies

To donate supplies, please contact us and let us know what you would like to donate.

  • Office supplies

  • Desks

  • Chairs

  • Computers

  • Exercise equipment

  • TVs

  • Commercial kitchen equipment

Donate Money

Empower House is looking for donation of funds for start-up, build-out and sustainable. We are looking to build a Clubhouse in the Quad City area that is located near restaurants, grocery stores, banks, and public transportation. The location must be easily accessible by public transportation.

You can donate online or if you’d like to make a larger contribution, please contact us.

Donations can be sent via mail to:
Empower House QCA
P.O. Box 2183
Davenport, IA 52809

Checks can be made out to: Empower House QCA


Join Our Team

We are looking for people who are dedicated, engaged, and hard-working and who want to impact their community positively. We need:

  • Board Members

  • A Fundraising Team

  • Staff

  • Volunteers

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Why invest your time or money to the Clubhouse?

Economic Issue: 

The Clubhouse model is NOT the medical model and it costs less to attend the clubhouse for 1 year than a 2 day to 1 week hospital stay. Estimated cost of a Stroke in the US is 53.9 billion dollars in 2010 (World Health Organization, 2002). It is not only the initial cost of the hospitalization and therapy but also the lost productivity and income these survivors suffer from after this injury.

Population Health Issue:

Brain injury is a chronic condition. It is not recognized amongst the common chronic conditions. The world health organization defines chronic disease as, “permanent, irreversible, leaving disability, caused by a non-reversible pathological alteration of an organ system. Requiring specialized training for the patient, where the patient may require a long period of supervision, observation or care for the duration of their lifespan.” (WHO,2002). Acquired brain injury is a chronic condition and is most often not being treated as so.  

Mental Health Issue:

People with disabilities experience inequalities for example, education, political, or participation because of their disability. They often have co-existing mental health disabilities including anxiety and depression being the most prevalent. Empower House is a community group that improves mental health outcomes by connecting people with disabilities and their families with similar experiences of disability. By coming together, they are forming a peer relationship in the clubhouse that encourages participating in their community and health promoting activities (WHO, 2002), which in turn improves their confidence and mental health.

Social exclusion:

Many people with disabilities experience disempowerment both in their family and the community. They are often strongly supported by their family and over protected, whereby family members do most things for and they may be rejected or excluded in the community because of stigma and discrimination. This means people with disabilities have very limited opportunities and choice. Negative attitudes and low expectations lead people with disabilities to feel disempowered-to feel unable to do anything or change their own lives, to feel worthless and incapable, and to have low self image and low self esteem. (WHO, 2002).